Neck and Shoulder pain

“I’ve attended a number of physiotherapists over the years and found Anna to be excellent. She has a methodical approach and really tries to understand the true cause of issue rather than simply treating the symptoms. I have no hesitation to recommend Anna to friends and family and recently I have completed a course of acupuncture with her, which has given me great benefits”.



Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

“I have been attending pregnancy pilates at the ThePhysioArt Clinic for several weeks and it has worked miracles for me. It helped me stay fit and balanced as well as had a huge impact on my mental wellbeing. A nice, quiet, relaxing atmosphere and professional pilates guidance allowed me to stay fit throughout pregnancy until it’s very last days. A lot of my friends asked me where do I take energy from to maintain so active and this has been mainly thanks to the pregnancy pilates at ThePhysioArt.
At some point of pregnancy I had developed a severe joint pain in my upper tights since I could only sleep on my left side and a continuous hip pain which got worse as the pregnancy progressed. For a while there I could hardly walk distances longer than 100m and had difficulty walking after several hours in bed. Anna’s professional physiotherapy eased the pain in the hip and eventually, only after one to two physiotherapy sessions the pain was gone and had not got back. I continued physiotherapy at ThePhysioArt until the end of my pregnancy taken the positive, soothing impact it had on me.
I’d like to recommend pregnancy pilates at ThePhysioArt and physiotherapy sessions to any pregnant women out there – whether you have any pains or just want to stay fit, ThePhysioArt is truly a right place to start while pregnant.
Just to add to that, I have recommended this clinic to many people taken my own experience and have only heard amazing feedback!”



Achilles tendon pain

“I was recommended to go to Anna by a friend who suggested she might be able to help me with my Achilles tendon. I was really surprised and glad Anna was able to quickly diagnose the issue and a cone of action. That initially involved a number of treatments. As progressively the pain eased and my mobility improved then Anna recommended some exercises with the treatment- some gentle stretches and the application of gel.
The result is that I’m now walking better than I have in years and have no pain. Anna uses number of techniques including massage, cupping, ultrasound to ease the pain.
I found Anna to be informative, helpful and really eager to help my recovery. I would have no hesitation to recommend Anna.”



Migraine Headaches

“I have been treated at ThePhysioart clinic for migraine and tension headaches with acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage. It helped me to ease the pain significantly. I continue treatment in the clinic because it is the only treatment that has helped me so far (I have suffered from migraine for the last 6 years). Apart from helping with the pain the physiotherapist uses spine mobilization techniques and head massage to improve my general condition. I used to have a chest and spine pain very often due to lack of physical activity as my migraine prevented me from exercising. After a few visits my spine problems were the thing of the past!
I value Anna’s professional approach and very relaxing atmosphere and strongly recommend both acupuncture and physiotherapy treatment at the ThePhysioArt for pain and spine problems.
I’m going to visit them regularly.”




“After suffering with weeklong headaches the doctor would prescribe me painkillers and tell me to drink lots of water. This was a short term solution and the headaches would return. I was not happy with taking prescription tablets continuously. This is when Anna was recommended to me by a family member. After one visit my headache dissipated and I could think again. I felt like myself again. I have always been unsure about people going near my neck and back but after my first appointment with Anna I felt comfortable and at ease. I fell for her magical hands.

I continued to see Anna for a short time to correct some bad posture. With a combination of stretches and exercises that Anna has given me I have not had a similar headache since. It has been over a year. I cannot thank Anna enough for freeing me from the constant pain I experienced. I would recommend Anna to all.”



Back and elbow pain

“The life of a performing musician puts a lot of stress on the body – lots of repetitive actions which inevitably cause problems the older the you get. And since my livelihood depends on me being in shape, it’s been a great comfort to know that when the problems inevitably do arise that I have a physiotherapist who will definitely be able to help. I’ve found Anna to be both sympathetic and knowledgeable, with an ability to quickly get to the root of the problem and initiate appropriate action. Her treatments and advice have done wonders on getting me back on the road when I was in serious trouble – thanks Anna!”



Back and Neck pain

“”I was referred to Anna by a friend of mine who used her service as well. Only after a few Physiotherapy and Acupuncture sessions combined together, I felt a great looseness in my upper back which was tight to the point that ordinary deep tissue massage on it’s own could not help at all.
In my opinion Anna has a great abilities and skills as a therapist. She is very professional in delivering her service and at the same time very caring about her clients. Her service is also a great value for money!
I highly recommend Anna as a Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Message therapist.”



Chronic neck pain and headaches

“Having tried many different forms of therapies to relieve me of chronic neck pain, headaches and back pain without success, I went to see Anna in July 2011. After my first session I knew that I had found the right person to help me get well again. Anna understood my pain, the issues, causes, symptoms and the type of treatment that I needed in order to get well again. Anna had a clear understanding of my treatment plan and how long it would take and how she would implement this. This was the first time in over a year that I felt truly confident that I would heal from the pain I had been suffering from for so long. I believed in the practitioner I had found and was not disappointed. Anna used a range of treatments such as massage, dry needling, mobilization and manipulation to ease me of my pain. In time, I began to feel well again, my low mood lifted, my head aches eased and my pain faded. I felt happier and was able to enjoy life again because I was no longer in pain. I was able to get back into the gym, back to weights and aerobics without suffering. My treatment was more intense at the beginning however now I see Anna about once every 2 months for a session just as ‘maintenance’ and this keeps me well and free of pain. I would highly recommend Anna, she is extremely professional, very passionate about her healing work and has a deep understanding of the complexities of the human body and the impact of pain in people’s lives.”



Tennis elbow

“I am delighted to recommend Anna Chrzan to you as she is a superb physiotherapist. Anna asks questions carefully in order to ascertain the nature of the problem. She is diligent in her treatment while at all times expressing a personal interest in her clients. Anna enjoys superb inter-personal skills and has an excellent command of English. I greatly admire her professional approach to her work.”

G O’Donnell